seeing through faith

Journalling my journey with God.

God has a plan for each of our lives. Just now, for me finding out who I really am in Christ, is the most important thing. When I started blogging (way back at the end of 2004)I was a seminary student (in Tallinn) and thought I knew what God had in store for me. Irony of ironies it hasn’t worked out the way I expected. Many doors have unexpectedly and painfully closed and I am waiting (sometimes with a high level of frustration and impatience) to see where God will lead me.

I finished my MA (theology) in June 2010 and since then have had another year of waiting but also discovering that God works in mysterious ways. A few years ago I was gently introduced and mentored in the art of Godly Play by my friend Storyteller and have met God in surprising and wonderful ways in our sessions. Since 2011 I have been in the UK a lot beginning a PhD on group spiritual direction and taking up responsibilities with Inspire Movement. My home and heart are still in Finland though.

See-through faith is my motto in life– though (not surprisingly) I often fall short of the mark. I live here in Finland with my husband and three golden retrievers. To date we have raised many golden retriever puppies (to date it’s 35!) It’s an awful lot of work but they also bring a lot of joy. We also have two grown up children. Our son and daughter are both now university students, one in Finland the other in Italy.

I am passionate about Jesus– but the other serious love in my life is books. You’ll find me with my nose in one here there and everywhere and bookcrossing is a great hobby of mine – you’ll read a lot about that here too, along with book reviews.

My journey with God is about walking with Him –hand in hand.

Trust that as you walk,
that though the way seems narrow,
God will widen it so that your ankle will not turn
(2 Sam 22.37)