other worlds

This summer
I’ve been to Afghanistan.
And Georgia (US)
And England and France

I’ve been stumped with my PhD (and probably taking a leave of absence in that) and very drained -so I’ve picked up my kindle for the first time in ages and lost myself in the world of book.

so I’ve taken myself to Afghanistan – with Khaled Hosseini – and Georgia (US) with a new writer Gayle O’Brien, and medieval
England and France with another (unrelated) O’Brian and a whole heap of other locations and eras too. I’m now in the Spanish Civil war …a book I downloaded ages ago but ‘lost’ and now found.

One of these days I’m going to have to grasp reality by its horns again – sooner rather than later really – but living vicariously, through the imagination of others has been restorative this summer. I have no regrets.

My kindle was a gift from a dear friend several years ago. This summer it has become this girl’s best friend.


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