the way we wear our days

You’ve all seen her – or him – looking a bit  – well not so nice in lycra – pounding the pavements in new jogging shoes, ones that haven’t seen much daylight before, perhaps a Christmas gift? (along with the lycra)  perhaps bought in the new year sales and tugged on that morning with a new determination to get fit, to get back in shape …

What we are seeing is a new year’s resolution being worked out (pun intended) and the cynic in all of us wonders will she – or he – keep it up? will they reach their fitness target this year? or in the not-too-distant future will the shoes and lycra be forgotten, pushed further back in the closet only to be discovered again and donated to oxfam or shelter?

I heard this illustration last Sunday (told much better than I tell it here) and was told too that the Covenant we make as Methodists has a better chance of success because we make it in community and by doing so we promise to help one another work out our salvation in daily life.

I like that idea though I am also very mindful that in a church setting there is the real possibility for layer upon layer of superficiality, the temptation to wear masks and pretend that life is ok (when it isn’t) that we are being good Christians (without grappling with what being Christian really means in our particular contexts) and each of us can be – easily be – very invisible in church. I think that’s why I’m so passionate about Inspire. In a small group of 3-4 who meet together regularly with the express purpose of helping each other work out what following Christ means in their daily lives, where accountability and direction are the name of the game, and where confidentiality is unquestioningly upheld – it is there I believe that we really can be transformed and be equipped to be the followers of Jesus that we’ve been called to be- and that we’ve promised to become!

But I digress.
I’m writing today as a sort of therapeutic procrastination.
My ‘to-do’ list is so long, it’s written on a dozen scraps of paper – all shapes and sizes and in several different pens – and much of the to-dos haven’t even made it from my head to the paper -  and I’m at that point of not even knowing where to start … and so I procrastinate.

I procrastine and I see a picture over at facebook of my friend’s to do list – a beautiful photograph of a beautifully written, thought out  list and on a purple clipboard  no less which makes it look funky and attractive and I realise I’m stuck in the boring and old … I need a new way of doing things like admin, I need a new look and a new start …

And so I follow the link and I read ..

I’m sort of struck: A habit is what we wear. A habit is the way we wear our days.

I look down at my jeans and there’s skin showing through this threadbare knee. I have habits that desperately need changing.

I’m a mess, out of good rhythms, dragging through days with these flabby focus-muscles.

And I recognise that my messiness leads to stagnation (and not to creativity at all) and has to be reined in, and I recognise that I’m powerless on my own to effect such a change (I can be like the lycra-cladded jogger make great intentions but I will not stick to them) and  that buying a lovely purple clip board really won’t be the answer – what I need is my fellowship band to hold me accountable and hold me in prayer, and I need the power and Spirit of God to become more Christlike in all areas of my life – including this one.

So help me God I desperately need to change and to be changed by You.

You too can follow the link

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