2013 musings

I came across this in a short article on the role of Christian mentoring in nursing. I think these are brilliant questions for all of us – especially at the turn of a brand new year.


Q U E S T I O N S  F O R  A  C H R I S T I A N  M E N T O R
An aspiring mentor conducts a personal assessment for mentoring potential, using
questions like:
1) How am I growing in my knowledge and love of God?
2) Does my life show that I know who I am in Christ?
3) How does my life indicate that I love God’s Word?
4) Do I genuinely love others?
5) Do I pray regularly?
6) Am I experiencing the fruit of God’s Spirit in my life?
7) Is my life balanced? Am I over-committed, under-committed?
8) Do I encourage others, and do I allow others to encourage me?
9) How effective are my communication skills? Do I listen well?
10) What evidence in my life proves I am trustworthy?
11) Do I have a servant attitude?
12) Do I share my faith when I have the opportunity?

Taken from article ‘so what is mentoring?’ by Luberta McDonald (JNC Fall 2004)

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