somehow, beyond all hope, God intervened and I’m back in England for a year. More on that later … tonight I want to talk about this

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Chesterfield is a nice town to live in. Not too big, and mostly peaceful. Only one year ago Christians Together for Chesterfield(CTfC)’s vision to be part of the increasingly national Street Pastors network. You can read more about that here

Tonight was the commissioning (and re-commissioning) of street pastors (there are now 34 of them) and the prayer pastors who support them. It was so encouraging to hear their testimonies, to see the police in church with them supporting their efforts too and also hear how – as a spin off from the Street Pastors – there had been six weeks of Christian Community activity (throughout the school summer holidays) working with children, youth and families. Crime is down and people -epecially the street pastors – are smiling. I’ve never met such a smily lot of people in ‘uniform’.

There are several ways you can support them.

  • Prayer - join our great team of Prayor Pastors who commit to praying for the Street Pastors on patrol either at our base in Grace Chapel or from home.
  • Finance – you could support us with a financial gift or commit to a regular standing order.
  • Presentations – invite us to come and speak about Street Pastors to your church or group.
  • Membership – become a member of Chesterfield Street Pastors.  It costs you nothing and you will receive regular newsletters and updates.
  • Gifts of items that we use every week - first aid supplies, tissues, wrapped lollipops etc.

And better still, why not begin praying if your community could do with seeing your church on the streets a bit more. Maybe something like this is a way forward?

2 Responses to “Chesterfield”

  1. Frances Says:

    We have Street Pastors here in Kingston. One of the things that they do is hand out flip-flops to young women who are having difficulty handling high heels once they have had a few drinks!!

  2. Lorna Says:

    yeah that’s standard Frances (and very needed)

    have you thought about volunteering to be on the prayer team for them (can be from home)- or there in their base making tea for when come in … I don’t think it’s essential to be there until 3am though you are quite the night owl if I remember right :)