more thoughts on hospitality

On the heels of my previous post I came across this blog article.

Scripture is rife with examples of people welcoming friends and travelers alike into their homes and lives. We are called to greet strangers as friends and to share abundantly with them, and Jesus offers harsh words for people who fail to show adequate hospitality.

In recent decades, the picture has been complicated by Martha Stewart’s magazine and other resources that equate hospitality with handmade place cards and expensive flatware. These magazines miss the point of hospitality. I’ve sat at immaculate dinner tables and felt like an unwelcome afterthought, and I’ve been served wine in a plastic cup and felt like a treasured guest. A spirit of hospitality cannot be faked.

You can read the rest of it here on Fidelia’s sisters: a publication of the Young Clery Women Project. (Very interesting reading over there btw even though I do not qualify to be an offical part of the group. I’m over 40 and not ordained. Sad isn’t it? Grin)

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