a life worth living

The words of Arthur Ashe (tennis player) are carved in stone at the site of the US open:

“From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.”

I find that truly profound and challenging.

Last night, after a long absence, we opened up our home again to friend and stranger. We shared food and stories … and got in return a glipmse of life worth living.

Opening up your home like this is always a challenge. People arrive late. Some say they are coming /others do not. The strangers fit in – or they don’t. They don’t usally cook like you expect. They make a mess. They flood the shower/sauna. They smoke in the garden. They don’t go home in time for you to get to bed ontime (a huge challenge for hubby).

And yet in spite of all that – or maybe because of it – it IS a life worth living.

Faces light up

  • as people are heard, are listened to, are affirmed.
  • as the stories of others are engaged with.
  • as people are affirmed in words and by gestures – a hug, a smile, a thumbs up.
  • as folk recognise they are welcome, not for what they bring or what they do, because they are who they are.

An hour of cleaning up after, an hour or so less sleep than you’d like, all seems a very small price to pay for a life that is worth being part of.


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