VAW (violence against women) and the Church

Various Christian organisations are involved in responding to ViolenceAgainstWomen (VAW).  But very little is being done by the church to prevent VAW.  Church leaders are not speaking out about the issue. Our discussions about gender and sexuality are often seen to be negative and inwardly focused. The primary response to VAW has been from feminist and human rights organisations who stress women’s empowerment.  We recognise and respect their efforts over many years to protect and support women.  But we believe that there are two big gaps – firstly in terms of a co-ordinated Christian response based on a model of restored relationships, and secondly in terms of men, and particularly men within the church, taking responsibility and playing their part to prevent VAW.


If this resonates with you – and after the rise in the popularly of the Grey Books -as well as e.g. awareness of the statistics in Sweden mentioned in the Millenium Trilogy series (see previous post) – it probably does. You might want to check out RESTORED.

Some other statistics to make you think …

  • In the UK 167 women are raped everyday
  • Women who are murdered by a partner or former partner number two every day in the UK, three per day in the US and one per hour in Russia!

Check out Restored and see what you – as a Christian, as a Church leader, might do to begin to turn the tide, to transform relationships and end violence against women.


One Response to “VAW (violence against women) and the Church”

  1. Ruth Says:

    Thanks for this.

    I’m proud to say that my sister works for a [very small] Christian organization, located West of Boston in the USA, whose motto is “ending the cycle of domestic abuse through the transforming power of God.”

    You might be interested by this blog, which is written by a Christian woman who is very, very vocal against violence (physical AND other) against women. However, it can sometimes be overwhelming, and carries “trigger warnings”.